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Noriko Akaije

Noriko Akaije
May 5, 2016
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Noriko Akaije

To me, Croatian was “KATASTROFA“
Maybe, almost all of Japanese couldn,t understand the system.
I was totally devastated and lonely.
Classmates spoke Croatian fluently, but, I couldn,t speak anything.
I used to sigh in front of textes, notes,  and homework,  and ask myself,
“Did I come to Croatia for being suffered?“
Once I cried in front of Daniela.

She was always supporting me with a smile.
I am sure that  I used to be a terrible student.
But she was so kind honest and patient, she didn,t give up.
I couldn,t continue learning Croatian without her support.
NowI learn Slovenian at University in Slovenia.
Unfortunately, I almost forget Croatian, but, Daniela etched me the standard of  slavic language firmly and systematically.
Thanks to her,  I enjoy learnning Slovenian.
Learnning is difficult, but interesting.
You shouldn’t give up easily.
Daniela showed me the importance of language and trust.

Puno hvala, Daniela.
Vi ste odlicna uciteljca.